Sexism, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence are, unfortunately, an issue for every school in every community in the UK.  In order to combat these issues, we need to understand and raise awareness of what they are, what creates them and what can be done to expose and respond to the harmful attitudes that perpetuate harassment and gender injustice.


The project uses simple story-telling and Narrative Theory techniques to cover:-

  • What is Sexual Harassment?
  • What is Sexist Language?
  • What are Sexist Stereotypes, Attitudes and Behaviours?
  • Where do these Stereotypes, Attitudes and Behaviours come from, where can they lead and what are their effects?
  • What is Consent?
  • How can you respond to and/or report these behaviours?
  • How do we create lasting change?


The production lasts for 60 minutes (including an actor led post-show talk) and can be targeted at two different groups:

  • Young people (year 7+)
  • Parents, carers, teachers & professionals working with children & young people.



Project Information

Show Title Unacceptable

Author Sean McGrath

Production Rights Gemini Creative Limited

Producer AlterEgo CS Ltd

Running Time 50 minutes (including post-show talk)

Get In 1 hr

Get Out 30 mins

Cast Size 3

Performance Space 4m x 4m

Staging Ground Level – End On