Streamed to be Seen – watching the plays in a Covid safe way

speechbubble The streamed production went without a glitch.  It was hard-hitting and gave our student pause for thought.  I think the students have historically enjoyed the interaction with the cast but in these times streaming was a great alternative speechbubbleright – Head of year 8


All of us at AlterEgo Creative Solutions Ltd believe 100% that live theatre is the best medium for the delivery of the vital safeguarding and wellbeing messages that we produce.  However, due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis and the restrictions and risk management strategies that schools and other educational settings are having to put in place, we are very conscious that our live productions may simply not be allowable, practical or logistically possible in some regions of the UK.


The issues that we cover have not only not gone anywhere since Covid-19 first arrived on our shores, but in many cases they have become worse.  The crisis is impacting on young people’s wellbeing, it is creating new emotional and financial vulnerabilities and, for those who were vulnerable beforehand, it is magnifying those vulnerabilities exponentially.  We know from the conversations that we have had with psychologists, therapists, social workers, safeguarding professionals and teachers up and down the country that mental health issues have risen, there has been an increase in calls to ChildLine, there has been an increase in exposure to online abuse and an increased risk of harm from violence in the home between adults.  The pandemic has heightened the risk of those most vulnerable to being taken advantage of by County Lines criminal exploitation gangs and it has heightened the risk of those most vulnerable to sexual exploitation.

We are very concerned that, due to the restrictions on our live shows in some areas, the important messages around these issues that our projects have proven so effective in tackling (as an early intervention within a whole system approach) over the past 10 years, are not getting out.  As a result we have decided to film a number of our key projects so that they can be ‘Streamed to be Seen‘.

It’s good to have Options!

From January 2021 we are offering 3 different options for schools to be able to access our work.  1 live option and 2 streamed options.  These will all be in place from the beginning of term in January and will remain in place until the end of April 2021 – at which stage we will asses the situation with live performances and extend the streamed options until the end of the academic year if necessary.  We will do whatever it takes to help keep young people safe and well!

Option 1.  (what we normally do)

The live version of the play and post-show talk delivered in person by the actors at your school.  For details on the shows and costs go to our Live Theatre Productions page here.

Option 2.

A filmed version of the play that your school has access to for the day accompanied by a post-show, teacher-led discussion pack looking at all of the issues that were raised in the production.

Option 3.

(Chelsea’s Story, CountyLines, Going to Extremes only)

A serialised, filmed version of the play, broken down into sections, that your school has access to for 1 day per section.  You may choose to run a scheme of work for an hour a day consecutively or you may want to spread it out to run on one day a week  over a few weeks – whatever works best for you!  On the booking form you will simply let us know the diffeent dates that you want each section of the film made available to you.

Each of the serialised sections is accompanied with an activity/discussion pack so that the themes, issues and advice in each section of the play can be looked at in greater detail and built upon throughout the course of the showings.  Each of the individual sections, including activity/discussion sessions after the film, should last for 1 hour (roughly 10-15 minutes of film and 45-50 minutes post-show activities each day).


Chelsea’s Story – serialised into 5 sections

Going to Extremes – serialised into 3 sections


To find out more, to enquire about costs, to book one of the options or to enquire about the possibility of us filming a show that we are not currently streaming please do get in touch.


Projects available to stream with options 2 & 3

(scroll down to view)


  • Chelsea’s Story Child Sexual Exploitation, Year 7+
  • Available January 2021 onwards




  • Going to Extremes Radicalisation & Extremism, Year 7+
  • Available January 2021 onwards


  • In the Net (audio play) eSafety, Year 4
  • Available February 2021 onwards