In the Net

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AlterEgo Creative Solutions Ltd (under license from the copyright holder Gemini Creative Limited) have authorised Bridgewater Primary School to access and stream the below complete audio play and/or serialised audio play of ‘In the Net’ on any date between Monday the 15th March and Friday the 23rd July 2021

Copying, downloading, reproducing or forwarding to non-licensed users (in whole or in part) is strictly prohibited.


You can choose to listen to the entire 40 minute project in one go below or you can listen to the play in 3 shorter,  serialised parts by clicking the links further down the page.


Entire play…

Runing time : 40 minutes


Serialised sections…

Part I : 13 mins


Part II : 10 mins


Part III : 17 mins



Show Title In the Net

Author Sean McGrath

Production Rights Gemini Creative Limited

Producer AlterEgo CS Ltd


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