In The Net

speechbubbleA fantastic way to put the e-safety and cyber-bullying message across to our children. speechbubbleright

– Alison Harvey, Head teacher, Bridgewater Primary School, Northampton

speechbubbleAn entertaining way to reinforce a very important message to the children about e-safety and cyber-bullying. The class discussions following the performance were a testament to it’s positive impact. speechbubbleright

– Nicola Redden, Anti-bullying lead, Bridgewater Primary School, Northampton

Target audience:-

Year 4 primary students

In the Net‘ was developed by the team behind our hugely successful CSE awareness-raising play ‘Chelsea’s Choice’. It is a fantastically fun piece of children’s theatre that was created out of a growing need to make young people aware of internet safety and the real-world effects of cyber bullying.

Dotty has just got a shiny new ipad, but she’s not being too safe online. She’s posting personal information, chatting to strangers and making rude comments about school friends. When her behaviour results in her being pulled into the computer Dotty finds herself caught ‘In the Net’ and she must go on a hero’s journey – a hero’s journey to find out how to be safer and nicer to people online.

The play has been seen by thousands of children around the UK has proven highly effective at covering:-

  • Safe Internet/Social Media Use
  • Keeping personal information safe
  • The effects of cyber-bullying on others
  • What to do if you are being cyber-bullied
  • What to do when you get that ‘Uh-Oh!’ feeling
  • What makes a Healthy Relationship
  • What to do if you have questions or concerns


Project Information

Show Title In the Net

Target Age Year 4 (KS2)

Author Sean McGrath

Production Rights Gemini Creative Limited

Producer AlterEgo CS Ltd

Running Time 45 mins

Post Show N/A

Get In 1hr

Get Out 30 mins

Cast Size 3

Performance Space 4m x 4m

Staging Ground Level – End On