Streamed to be Seen – Going to Extremes

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Please find below a copy of our project ‘Going to Extremes’.

The original live theatre production was developed out of a growing need to kick-start conversations and build resilience around extremism and radicalisation.  Our new streamed version was developed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic in order to ensure that we could get the message out and that young people could still see the play in a Covid safe way!

Throughout 2021 and beyond the streamed version of the project is available for school to watch in one 60 minute sitting (with a teacher resource/discussion pack), or in a serialised format of 3 sections (each section accompanied by a teacher resource/discussion pack that we hope will enable the young people to explore and discuss the issues in the project in much greater detail).

Exploring far-right political as well as Islamist-inspired extremism, the play looks at what happened to three young people, who each had their own vulnerabilities, that found themselves targeted by individuals or groups that wanted to use them for their own agenda. Danny, a young man who was angry that his parents had separated, found himself getting involved with a far-right group. Ayesha, a young girl who wanted to be a nurse, was targeted online by a group that wanted her to go out to Syria to help Isis and Kamal, a young man who had issues fitting in with his community, found himself out in the desert training to fight a holy war. Using simple story-telling techniques, their stories are played out and examined in an attempt to understand how and why they were targeted and how young people can prevent this sort of thing happening in the first place by encouraging an open dialogue and conversation about the issues as well as empathy, understanding and respect for others’ views and beliefs.

After watching the audience will:-

  • Have a raised awareness of how and why young people may become radicalised
  • Have a raised awareness of the processes involved in radicalisation
  • Have a more developed resilience to extremist narratives
  • Understand the importance of challenging radical/extremist narratives and discussing them openly
  • Know where to go for help and advice


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For information on the project or to talk about the costs of getting into schools and educational settings in your area please get in touch.