Raising awareness around Child Criminal Exploitation

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“Just watched the amazing AlterEgo perform their CountyLines drama.  The performance was excellent!”

– School Improvement Officer, Newcastle-upon-Tyne 


AlterEgo Creative Solutions were commissioned by Norfolk Constabulary to develop an Applied Theatre play to raise awareness around Child Criminal Exploitation – specifically the strand of the County Lines drug trafficking model that sees vulnerable adults and young people targeted by organised groups and gangs to groom, trick, trap and manipulate them into trafficking drugs and sometimes weapons.


Meet Dex. He’s a nice guy. He’ll offer you money. He’ll offer you drugs. He’ll be generous. He’ll make you feel important. He’ll make you feel part of something. He’ll make your life exciting. He’ll do whatever it takes to get you working for him and his mates… and when you do…

Meet Dex. He’s a scary guy. He’ll say you owe him money. He’ll make you deal drugs and move packages. He’ll blackmail you. He’ll be violent. He’ll make you feel terrified. He’ll turn your life upside down. He’ll do whatever it takes to keep you working for him and his mates…

And he’s good at it. He knows he’ll get you because he knows you’ll make bad decisions… bad choices. Dex runs the County Lines.


The play has proved highly effective in raising awareness around:-

  • What is CountyLines and how can it affect young people
  • The Grooming Process and how it can apply to CountyLines
  • The similarities and potential crossovers between Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE)
  • Where to go for help & advice


For adult audiences it also:-

  • Raises Awareness of ‘The Warning Signs of CCE’
  • Raises Awareness of the coercive process that young people may have been through that has weblink resulted in them being criminally exploited – a process that can all too easily make it seem as though they have ‘made their own choices’.


For information on booking or to enquire click here.

Project Information


Running Time 

The play lasts 55 minutes, including post-show talk

Get In 

1 hr

Get Out 

15 mins

Cast Size


Performance Space 

4m x 4m


Ground Level – End On


Target Audience

  • Young People (year 7+)
  • Parents, carers, teachers & professionals working with young people



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