Breaking the Chain

Raising awareness around Knife Crime & Youth Violence

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“The entire year group was spellbound!

– Charters School, Berkshire

‘Breaking the Chain’ is a hard-hitting applied theatre production that aims to raise awareness, kick-start conversations and build resilience around youth violence – with a focus on knife crime – as part of a public health approach to tackling the issue – an issue that is seeing young people seriously hurt and, all too often, killed on the streets of our towns and cities.


Recently out of prison and trying to turn his life around, Tyler is worried about his younger brother Zeke and his friend Danny.  Zeke and Danny have started carrying knives and Tyler is desperate to ensure that they don’t make the same mistakes that he’s made in the past.  The play follows them over the course of one day as the tensions are mounting and Tyler must intervene to avoid a tragedy and try to talk them all into breaking the chain.


The play has been seen by thousands of young people around the UK and aims to:-

  • Break the chain by reassuring young people that knife carrying is not actually common and that they do not need to carry knives to protect themselves from other knife carriers
  • Raise awareness around the risks and consequences of youth violence and knife crime on the individual and on their friends, families and on the wider community
  • Build resilience by raising awareness, creating a common language and kick-starting conversations around the influences, fears and pressures that can lead to the decision to hurt someone or to carry a knife and how these can be managed or avoided
  • Build resilience by raising awareness of and promoting the core skills (including but not limited to: self-confidence, self-esteem, risk assessment, emotional intelligence, empathy, decision making, recognising healthy relationships) that can be used help young people to navigate a whole host of issues, critical moments and adverse childhood experiences that they may encounter
  • Raise awareness around the importance of seeking help and advice or telling someone if they are concerned about themselves, a friend or someone they know.
  • Sign-post who young people can speak to


‘Breaking the Chain’ was developed in consultation with young people, youth, social and health workers, charities, police forces, urban youth specialists and the families and friends of those tragically affected by youth violence in order to tackle this highly complex issue in an effective manner and with credible voices.

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Project Information


Running Time 

The play lasts 55 minutes, including post-show talk

Get In 

1 hr

Get Out 

15 mins

Cast Size


Performance Space 

4m x 4m


Ground Level – End On


Target Audience

  • Young People (year 7+)
  • Parents, carers, teachers & professionals working with young people



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